Collect Free ROLLS. DiCES. Money. stickers. Rewards For MONOPOLY GO!

Monopoly Go Guide Free Claim , Sticker, Rolls , Play & Win with Friends

Monopoly Go is a newly released card game by Scopely, a parent company of popular mobile games like Stumble Guys and Marvel Strike Force: Squad RPG. Monopoly Go game is now available worldwide after its global release from 11 April 2023 onwards. Here is complete Monopoly Go guide which is to make sure you always win the game with unlimited money in your pocket.

Monopoly Go Strategy is all about collecting different card locations through the rolling of dice. Competing with friends and family to win money and collect the most cards. This is hard for new players but with the help of this Monopoly Go Beginners Guide, one can easily learn the basics of how to play Monopoly Go and use the following tips to uplift hidden potential.

  • 1-Roll the Dice
  • 2-Expand your expire
  • 3-Challenge your friends
  • 4-Do bank Heists
  • 5-Shutdown other competitors
  • 6-Collect Rent
  • 7-Win Big

Roll for Riches, Build your empire, Dream Big and Scheme your way for success ! As per Official Monopoly Go by Scopely How to Play Monopoly Go Game?

Players can download Monopoly Go for Android as well as iOS through Play Store and Appstore respectively. Once installed, your personal guide, Mr. Monopoly character who is a zillionaire is ready to teach you to earn money in Monopoly Go. An easy way to play without board flipping is one of the best features of this game.

How to get Stars in Monopoly go Here is a cool trick that allows players to get stickers stars or simply called stars. Whenever a player gets duplicate stickers, a sticker star is rewarded for such a process making the player to have one of 3 rewards from the tier list. The perfect way to get stars in Monopoly Go answers by competing around better players and winning tournaments and securing domination over new locations. How to play monopoly go with friends Monopoly Go offers players to remain connected with friends by playing with them. One can play games with their close ones via sending invitations to connect and match against in the board arena by navigating the Friends & Family section. Invite them using Facebook or a direct link. Easy to share and have fun.